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Harley & Ivy pets

a little bit of a tribute to the most under rated batman characters Bud and Lou

been working on this for a while, I had a lot of difficulty on designing both Harley and Ivy. Bud and Lou were a lot of fun working on them
more sketches past the cut

I had to redraw Harley and rearrange ivy from the piece.

As much as I show each of my step by steps, I actually didn't capture it on this one. I just went straight into the art and didn't stop till I was finished. While working I was thinking of making Bud and Lou not look like the Hyenas from Lion King, and added more yellow and oranges to their fur. And added a bit of Pink on Lou's nose in reference for Chip and Dale.

and also I made this barracuda design for my sister. It was fun to work on this also.

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That's great, I was in the mood for some Harley. You know there's also a Punisher villain named Barracuda, right? He was pretty much his best arch-nemesis on the MAX continuity before Kingpin and Bullseye showed up.

thanks man
haha, yeah I think I've seen that Punisher villian, I was off and on the Max works I thought it was good.

Wow, these sketches are great! I love that the hyenas are there and gorgeous!

Hyenas are beautiful and under rated

I didn't want to copy the lion king and I thought they look too villainous for harley quinn to be taking care of.

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