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fighting Fish

part of the underwater pitfighting tournament league.
More sketches of my art process in the cut

here's my work process

took me a while designing it.

here's a simple idea of a little fighting fish beating up big brutes. I might make more of a series of little fishes.

again exploring ideas of colors and style. It was a wise idea to pick Siamese fighting fish because they are so colorful easy to work with it and design a backdrop that complements their colors

trying to design the Kirby Dots. I never did anything like this digital, so it was just baby steps while still coloring the main composition.

I'm awfully insecure how I try something new, so there's about 4 different layers here, on the kirby dots, the glow in the background and each element.

masking was used to make the lines in the action a white splat over the face the show where the fish is impacting.

adding simple font with font bending effects to fallow along with the movement

by the way i'm on tumblr is you want to fallow me, it'd be fun.

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